Tuesday, August 29, 2017


A few months ago Shane bought Buddy a surf board from a friend for a really good price. This past Friday, we ended up camping at the one and only surf spot on this side of the island. I ended up getting 7 spider bites on my face.....Buddy ended up getting bitten by the surfing bug. This is him taking a break after riding his board for a few hours after school yesterday. 

He's been bitten so much that we ended up buying another surfboard for one of us to join him, with the thinking that once one of us masters the longboard, we'll buy one more so all 3 of us can go. Talk about awesome parenting in my book! In other news, I cut Buddy's hair last night and now with his broad shoulders he looks nothing like my baby boy anymore, but a man! At least his voice is still cracking to make up for all the manliness he's exuding these days, it really is the little things that keep me going! So all in all a super fantastic, surfs up, day!

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